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Wayne Morgan, co-founder & CEO
The Real Estate Business School, Austin, Texas

What is the Buyer’s Journey?

By incorporating the buyer's journey into your marketing strategy, you can further understand

your prospects' specific needs and provide them with helpful solutions.

Sales Process Enhancement


Delivering Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to your sales team.

Marketing Automation


Yield significant returns across your organization.

Build out your marketing team and capabilities while minimizing your risk.

Developing a marketing team often represents significant change for organizations. Starting with an outsourcing model can make a lot of sense. Develop your strategy and begin execution. Then, consider the benefits of in-sourcing certain marketing functions. 

Nick Simard, CMO IMG Digital

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Outsourced marketing, CMO Suite

Marketing / Sales Strategy + Delivery

Creative Design
Marketing Technology

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Sales Automation

  • Websites

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

We've been working with IMG Digital + Inbound for a few years using HubSpot as our website and marketing automation solution. They've developed our paid advertising campaigns on Google AdWords and social media. The quality of our leads has improved dramatically and we have grown our customer base! The team at IMG Digital + Inbound always has creative ideas and is able to understand how I want to promote our value to our local market. Digital marketing can be overwhelming but IMG has trained us on what matters simplified our approach so we can understand exactly what we're spending and what is working. We would recommend working with IMG Digital + Inbound if you're in need of outsourced marketing that is transparent, effective and a team that is a pleasure to do business with!

They’ve grown my business!

Our leading NY based custom closet manufacturing business is thriving but needed a technology solution that married both marketing and sales. IMG Digital + Inbound has been our trusted advisor for almost 10 years. Their team analyzed our current situation and put together a plan to redevelop our site in the Hubspot COS, architect a workflow marketing automation strategy and fully integrate us into the Hubspot portal. This has been essential to our efficiency and the training they provided to our team helped us maximize results. We are thrilled with the support they provide and would highly recommend them to any firm looking to grow!

Excellent team!

The team at IMG Digital + Inbound is awesome! I run a media and creative agency and developing relationships is a large part of my every day. They implemented the HubSpot CRM and trained me on the best ways to organize an immense amount of communication into an efficient process. I can now develop more relationships on a more personalized level through marketing automation and the use of IMG Digital + Inbound's sales tools. I get compliments all the time on my customized email blasts. The CRM is keeping me focused and efficient. IMG Digital + Inbound is also an important agency partner and I work with them to deliver inbound services to my clients. They have been a reliable partner for strategy and delivery and I don't hesitate to put them in front of my most important

I love working with IMG Digital!

Data drives marketing in 2017

Could your marketing benefit from better reporting and data analysis?


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