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A & A Office Systems

Phase 1


A&A Office Systems had recently made an acquisition of an IT company , CloudSmart. IMG was tasked with both migrating the existing A&A website off of an antiquated Drupal platform onto HubSpot, and seamlessly incorporating the content from the existing CloudSmart website into the new A&A site. The migration included the incorporation of HubSpot’s native tools for blog posting, calls-to-action, landing pages and forms.

Phase 2


After the successful completion of Phase 1, IMG setoff to increase the amount of traffic the A&A website received and increase the lead conversion rate on that website.

The main tactics deployed to accomplish these goals were:

  • Develop & Deploy a Content/Keyword Strategy to increase organic presence > This included Technical Search Engine Optimization
  • Manage a Search Engine Marketing campaign to drive geographically relevant search traffic
  • Curate an organic, multi-platform, Social Media calendar
  • On-going website user experience enhancements


We initially worked with our client to develop a comprehensive list of relevant keywords to target and track performance. Those keywords were then converted to a content strategy, in which we segmented the audience into the 3 main revenue channels, Print Services, Document Scanning and Cloud Services. The content strategy included a combination of low-level blog topics and high-level thought leadership specific to each channel. In the end, we deployed 23 different pieces of content, distributed across the 3 revenue channels. The end result was dramatic increase in high value keyword performance.


Following the completion of the newly migrated website, we launched a Google Search campaign, to drive high-level prospects to the website and ultimately convert them into customers. The first step was to leverage the existing keyword strategy and overlay a bidding strategy to deploy targeted ads. As part of IMG’s management of the search campaign, we continuously monitor and optimize the different ad groups and campaigns. The end result was a steady increase in conversions and decrease of cost/ conversion over the duration of the campaign.


Over the course of our engagement, IMG curated monthly social media calendars to educate our client’s audience, promote events and announce product launches and updates. Over the time, we were able to increase the size of their social media audience by 7.67% which led to 1,221 interactions across all platforms.


The Result

The ultimate goal of the individual digital marketing tactics was to drive more traffic to the website and convert that traffic to leads. The first goal was accomplished, with a 32% year over year increase of website traffic.

In addition to the increased website traffic, IMG was able to increase conversion rates by creating an enhanced user experience. The ultimate result was a 44% year over year increase in new leads generated.

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