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Charter School Website Development

Creating an Efficient, User-Friendly Website

Atmosphere Academy went through an entire website transformation. The original website had very little branding and needed to be uniform and easy to read for the viewer.

Rebranded the website

Developed the tagline “Educating Your Bright Stars”, which made their mission clear and consistent with their theme of space and atmospheres.

Reorganized and structured all information on website

The old website was confusing to navigate. Our new website combined pages and reorganized information to make it more intuitive for the user.

Easy Navigation

The menu on the old site was frustrating and difficult to use. For example, technical problems with the tabs of the navigation bar and made it challenging to get to each individual page. We added an advanced menu with logical navigation for a better user experience.


IMG incorporated two blogs to the site: The Atmosphere Blog and The Parent Blog. The Parent Blog is written by a parent to give prospective parents an idea of what it is like to be an Atmosphere parent. The Atmosphere Blog shares updates and activities provided at the school.

Implemented A School Calendar

Added a school calendar to the website to give parents transparency and a better user experience. It is now the third ranking page for most views on the site following the homepage and the academics page. (see left)

Incorporated school colors and graphics

We incorporate their three colors throughout every aspect of the website. We also created graphics such as stars, moons and planets to complete the atmosphere theme.

Developed A Donations Page

Added a Donations page that accepts donations electronically making it much more accessible to donors involved in the school both directly and indirectly.

Conducted Photography

Our in-house photographer took new photographs of the school, children, field trips and staff photos. These high-quality photos have been placed on the website to give an inviting, authentic and professional experience to viewers.

Receiving an A+ in website Design & Traffic Growth

Since launching the new site, website traffic has increased tremendously and continues to. When we launched the new website in April, Atmosphere had 3,980 visits, 487 of them being organic. In May, the visits increased to 10, 605 visits, 783 of them being organic yielding a 166% increase. The visits and organic visits keep increasing month by month.

The goal for the amount of applicants the school would receive for the Fall of 2016 was 300 applicants. This Fall, they received 550 applicants, exceeding their goal tremendously by 183%.

We made the website an active source for parents who can now view current activities in blog and calendar. Now, the website gives parents a portal to look at upcoming events and school closures. This is also a great resource for board members to check out what Atmosphere Academy is offering.

The new website gave Atmosphere Academy a more defined brand with images of children in school uniforms and incorporating school colors with a logo. The branding from the website is currently being incorporated into the school building, hallways, flags and brochures.

Atmosphere Academy needed to gain exposure and awareness through marketing initiatives. With the help of their website, they increased their brand awareness and are now planning on opening their next facility.

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