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Dramatic Digital Marketing Gains for Online School

The Process

Across the board increase in traffic by source!

  • Direct +31% YoY Increase
  • Organic+11% YoY Increase
  • Paid +223% YoY Increase
  • Referral +770% YoY Increase
  • Social +100% YoY Increase
  • Display +39% YoY Decrease
  • Email Increase from 14 users in T12 to 20,080

Tactics Employed

Content Optimization for Improvement in Organic Results

A comprehensive content strategy and technical review of the website to improve keyword performance.

Paid Campaigns

An overhaul of AdWords campaigns, lowering cost-per-click and increasing click-thru-rate.

Referral Sources

Improved navigation between classroom website and e-commerce website, to increase repeat business.

Social Media Management

A monthly, multi-platform social calendar, combining educational posts, industry news and promotion.

Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

A monthly email calendar to fully leverage the different segments of a 90,000 contact email database.

In addition to driving more traffic to the website, a key focus was an improved user experience.

A counter intuitive website architecture and navigation, plus a poorly devised inbound linking strategy led to a high bounce rate and low average pages/session. By improving the navigation, user experience and website design, we were able to dramatically improve the time visitors spent on the website, as well as the number of pages they visited, reducing bounce rate and increasing average page views/session.

Implementing IMG’s Strategy

Clear Calls-to-Action

IMG updated CTA’s to make them more visible and help guide customers towards conversions.


New images instantly lifted up the webpages and provided a more visually appealing experience for website visitors.


A new, simpler and intuitive navigation bar helped guide visitors to the content that they need and make the website easier to explore.


The old footer contained nothing more than a website logo and social media links. IMG updated the footer to include useful links, contact information and support hours to create an all around smooth user experience.

Driving traffic to the website was a substantial focus for us, but with that we wanted to increase user engagement. By creating a robust content strategy consisting of blogs, email nurturing campaigns using marketing automation and consistent social media posting and management of communication, IMG helped increase WEBSITE ENGAGEMENT & CONVERSIONS.

The average session duration increased by 159% in the first year of engagement. Improving the user experience impacted the time users spent on the page as well as page views. The total page views increased by 1,146% over the first 12 months.

The Result

The end result was increased user engagement, measured both by page views and average session duration.
With the increase of traffic and average page views, the compounding effect was an increase from 312,701 page views in trailing 12 months prior to IMG’s engagement, to 3,355,120 page views in the first 12 months of the IMG engagement. An increase of 973%.

Average Session Duration for the trailing 12 months prior to IMG’s engagement was 2 minutes, 35 seconds. At the end of the 12 month period following IMG’s engagement, it was 7 minutes, 26 seconds, a nearly 3X improvement. Reshaping the school’s inbound marketing strategy had a direct impact on their revenue.

IMG reconstructed their website creating a positive user experience, curated a content strategy that drove growth and engagement, and rebuilt their paid campaigns to provide more visibility to their brand. Driving more traffic to the website and increasing the time users spent on the site affected their sales dramatically.

The culmination of all of these efforts was a positive increase in revenue over the first 12 months of IMG Engagement.

With IMG’s assistance, our client was able to revamp their marketing strategy and optimize their digital presence. The partnership led to an influx of website traffic resulting in positive sales and revenue increase. IMG delivered measurable solutions to help the school improve their marketing campaigns and maximize their return on investment.

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