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Miller Law Group

Phase 1


Miller Law Group wanted to have more opportunities for lead generation. IMG was tasked with optimizing Miller Law Group’s website to improve flow for better lead generation. This included setting up tracking codes and creating multiple lead-generation forms (Contact Us/Downloadable Content). By using Miller Law Group’s resource library, IMG was able to drive traffic to their most valuable content.

Phase 2


After the successful completion of Phase 1, IMG setoff to maximize organic traffic to Miller Law Group’s website to increase the lead generation conversion rate.

The main tactics deployed to accomplish these goals were:

  • Develop & Deploy a Keyword/Content Strategy to increase organic presence.
  • Provide guidance on keywords for client to curate organic, relevant pieces of content (ie: blogs, articles, video library).
  • On-going Technical Search Engine Optimization monitoring and adjustments.
  • On-going website user experience enhancements.


We initially worked with our client to develop a comprehensive list of relevant keywords to target and track performance. Those keywords were then converted to a content strategy, in which we targeted keywords for the client to develop content around.

The content strategy included a combination of low-level blog topics, a comprehensive video library, and podcasts that were used to create two higher level pillar-page’s to drive organic website traffic. These pages included a scholarship opportunity and information for an event Miller Law Group was hosting. We included downloadable content on these landing pages to generate valuable leads from the engaged audience. In the end, we deployed 56 pieces of blog content, 54 pieces of video content, and 2 landing pages. The end result was a steady increase in high value keyword performance.


The Result

The ultimate goal of the individual digital marketing tactics was to drive more traffic to the website and convert that traffic to leads. The first goal was accomplished with a 500% increase in year-over-year website traffic.

In addition to the increased website traffic, IMG was able to increase conversion rates be creating an enhanced user experience. The ultimate result was a 66% year over year increase in new leads generated.

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