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Choosing a digital marketing agency can be a tedious and confusing process for many since the importance of digital marketing has grown substantially in the last several years and demands technical competence.

We often speak with business owners who have successful companies and have weathered the Great Recession. It seems that everyone needs to be a marketer today yet working with technology remains unfamiliar to many people. Proper technology choices are critical to maintaining efficient digital marketing gains in your business.


So, how do I put this all together and make the right agency choice?

Start by Establishing Expectations & Goals

This important first step beginning with a needs analysis. While your firm's needs and experiences are unique, the following list is a good starting point in conducting your own digital marketing agency needs assessment. 

  1. Have we set goals for our marketing efforts?
    If so, review them. If not, get to work!!
    1. Objective # of leads per day / month / year derived from marketing efforts
    2. Sales Closing Rate
    3. Cost Per Lead and Customer Acquisition targets
    4. Marketing Budget
      Both for agency involvement and paid ad expense (Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  2. What worked and what didn't work in prior outsourcing relationships?
    Haven't worked with an outsourced partner in the past? Move on...
  3. What marketing technology do we currently have in place?
    1. Social Account
      Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
    2. Email Marketing Platform
      Constant Contact, MailChimp, HubSpot, etc.
    3. Company's email platform
      (Outlook / Microsoft 365, Google G Suite for business, etc.)
    4. Google Analytics
    5. Google Search Console
    6. AdWords
      or similar paid platforms
  4. Who will be our main point of contact with our selected agency?
    If you do not currently have an internal marketing team, READ THIS!
  5. How often do we want reporting from our agency?
  6. How regularly do we want to communicate with our agency?
    Daily /weekly / monthly
  7. Do we expect any light IT assistance from our agency?
    It may seem like an odd question but more and more organizations don't require traditional IT assistance and work with their digital marketing agency to maintain the company's email platform (Outlook / Microsoft 365, Google G Suite for business, etc.)
  8. How long of a commitment are we willing to make?
    Short minimums should be offered with discounts and a generous cancellation window on longer contracts.
  9. How much control are we willing to cede to our chosen agency partner?
    Over time, your agency should earn the trust of your firm so your time requirements are minimized as much as possible. For example, once your agency has sent several email newsletters or written a certain number of blogs, you will gain the confidence to delegate more control over the more subjective elements like content development, creative and website user experience, a.k.a. "UX" modifications.

As mentioned above, this list is neither comprehensive nor tailored to the uniqueness of your firm. Use it as a guide or speak with IMG.


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Many marketing apps, a.k.a. "MarTech" apps provide overflow benefits across other functions in the organization.

For example, marketing automation is used for internal communications as well as nurturing communication to your clients and prospects.

Internal communication from human resources is managed with automation.

Surveys to take the pulse of your client satisfaction.

Internal notifications to sales


Make sure your choice agency is equipped to deliver on the following 3 pillars...

1. StrategyRight Chevron

Demonstrated Track Record

Industry experience is important. Look for and agency who has previous experience helping clients with similar goals to your own. Ensure the services provided by the agency help you achieve your specified marketing goals.


  • Review their services & solutions
  • Read their reviews
  • Request a consultation

2. DeliveryRight Chevron

Efficient and Precise

Your digital marketing agency should perform the highest quality marketing strategies. Before deciding on an agency, ensure their delivery matches your standards and that they can deliver within your specific timeline.


  • Review previous client work
  • Ask about their execution & timelines
  • Consider their pricing model

3. Analysis & Optimization

Intelligent w/ "Skin in the Game"

When researching agencies, you should review how they analyze and track the success of their campaigns. Consider how they can optimize your site for user experience, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies. 


  • Read their case studies
  • Research the technology they use
  • Request data