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Outdoor Advertising + Digital Marketing

Maximize the Impact of "Traditional Campaigns." Our team has assembled best-in-class partners across the United States and we are pleased to serve all major markets to our domestic and international clients.

Outdoor Media Buyers’ roots are in both outdoor advertising & digital marketing and we will build you the right integrated campaign(s) tied to very specific geographic, psychographic & other Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”).


Each clients' needs and each campaign's objectives are unique. Your digital environment will be tailored accordingly. The following examples represent campaigns that we regularly run for clients.


We often work in collaboration with creative and public relations agencies. If you have an agency in place, we look forward to working with them to accomplish your KPIs.


Example #1


If a component of your digital marketing strategy includes trade show attendance or trade show marketing, you landed in the right place.

There are a few strong options that we can layer onto your outdoor advertising campaign(s).

  1. Digital marketing leading up to the show - email marketing to your database & attendees, if possible, social media, content marketing
  2. Mobile Banners
  3. Printed materials (limited nowadays)
  4. Data collection @the show
  5. Connection with your marketing automation platform to follow-up with those whom you interacted at the show

example #2

Data + Analysis

Our ability to complete the loop on outdoor advertising's effectiveness has never been greater. 

Your campaigns should include the following & more. These outlined tactics work in conjunction with one another to form a complete view of your environment.

  1. Establish Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs") in kick off strategy call
  2. Install (or verify) tracking codes
  3. Implement retargeting strategy to "follow" your visitors as they visit and then depart your website
  4. Social Media - organic, paid, retargeting, custom audiences, social media management


Example #3

Advertising Placement

From Search Engine Marketing ("SEM") to delivering ads over display networks such as Google and other programmatic platforms, IMG will guide you 

  1. Depending on your budget, IMG will establish your campaign(s) on the proper platform(s).
  2. IMG will write your ad copy, if needed
  3. Landing page development or optimization
  4. Turning visitors into leads.