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Subscribe. Educate. Nurture.

There is no excuse to blast your database with irrelevant content. Sorry to be so blunt but with today's marketing technology available email marketing tactics such as lead scoring, workflows, and event-based triggering are much easier to implement and should be considered a pillar of your digital marketing agency's strategy.

Segmenting your audience is paramount and sending personalized content is the expectation consumers have for brands today. Audience segmentation allows you to group leads based on their preferences, actions, engagement, and more. This ensures that each communication resonates with the specific individuals. Personalization goes a long way in building relationships with potential customers. The more they feel connected to your brand the more likely they are to convert to customers.

IMG utilizes event based triggering to send messages to subscribers based on the actions they take on your website. Some examples of event based triggering include confirmation emails after a purchase or a reminder email for an event they signed up for. IMG also uses lead scoring to track and rank subscribers. This allows you to identify subscribers that are engaging a lot and may be ready for a more direct individualized sales pitch. 

Today, responsive design is critical. People read emails off tablets, computers, and mobile devices. IMG ensures that the design and content is fit for all screens. We utilize marketing automation software to organize, create, and track your campaigns. 

Building your subscribers list, educating leads about your brand, and nurturing your leads are IMG's three critical steps to building a successful email marketing campaign. The combination of these email marketing tactics will significantly increase the effectiveness of your emails. IMG will help build your email list and develop an extensive email marketing strategy. 


Fill Your Marketing Funnel

Quite simply, the more subscribers you add to the top of your marketing funnel, the more leads and clients you will realize. Email subscribers can have a direct affect on website traffic and overall revenue. 


  • Always show a call-to-action to subscribe
  • Consider pop-ups to add subscribers
  • Look at paid campaigns to acquire subscribers on social media, for example


Build Brand Awareness

Your emails should educate your leads as they move through every step of the sales process. Inform your leads about your brand and how your products or services can help them. 


  • Focus on one main topic per email
  • Avoid sales pitches in your educational emails
  • Use responsive design for the best accessibility and appearance


Develop relationships

Customize communication to leads in different stages of the buying process. Lead nurturing emails generate a higher click-through rate than general marketing emails. 


  • Segment your audience
  • Provide personalization to each email
  • Utilize marketing automation to organize and tailor communication to leads


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