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How Do I Build A Digital Marketing Team_cover-1 

The purpose of this book is to provide the owners and leaders of smaller organizations and digital marketing teams with a realistic and practical overview of today’s digital marketing environment, as well as general guidance for building out their marketing teams -- whether that’s by hiring employees or partnering with a marketing agency.


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This book covers it all . . .

1.   What is inbound marketing and the full funnel?
2.   Taking an inventory of your current marketing tactics
3.   Content That Sells
4.   Building an Audience: Organic & Paid Distribution
5.   The Truth About Social Media
6.   The Do’s and Don’t’s of Creative

 7.   How To Measure Results: Determining Lead Costs & Customer Acquisition Costs
 8.   Your Content Comes To Life: An Example Workflow
 9.   Who to Hire First, What It Costs and When To Outsource
10.  Tips for Outsourcing and Vendor Management
11.  An Exercise + Recommended First Steps


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