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Fuel Your Digital Marketing w/ Automation

Marketing Automation refers to the process of using affordable, subscription-based technology (SaaS) to organize, personalize and automate the content and messaging you send to your prospects, clients, peers and other segmented contacts. Sending personalized segmented content through marketing automation is an extremely effective and efficient way to convert leads into customers and generate more revenue. 


Segmentation is paramount if you intend to send personalized communication to your database. With proper segmentation, you can send messages based on specific actions that occur on your website. This allows you to send the right content to the right people.

READ "Why segmentation matters."


Rather than sending non-specific e-blasts to an unsegmented database, why not send personalized emails to those with different interests and expectations? Nurture your leads by delivering highly targeted content that addresses their specific needs. The more personalization you provide, the more the customer feels connected with your brand. 


Proper implementation across your marketing and sales organizations will ensure your contacts are sent appropriate and timely emails based on how they are interfacing with your website and its content.

Workflows move your leads through the funnel by nurturing them using event-based triggers. Prospects, leads and customers receive communication based on their actions on your site.

You can use workflows for both external and internal communication. Our team uses workflows in creative ways to connect applications, people and processes while building data and visibility into your company’s sales and marketing operation.


Researching Marketing Automation Platforms?

Look for these core capabilities...

  1. Email marketing
  2. Landing pages
  3. Smart forms
  4. Event-based triggering
  5. Blogging
  6. Reporting and analytics
  7. Social media publishing and monitoring
  8. Customer Relationship Management, more commonly known as "CRM," or simply a way to segment your database, monitor communication, assign follow-up tasks, etc.


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