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5 Ways to Keep Your Website Good As New

Written by Nick Simard on 04.24.19

Your website is the most visible representation of your business. As visual buyers, you want your target audience to see an authentic reflection of your business that sets you apart from the competition.

With the continuous changes in digital marketing and online security, it is imperative that your website consistently creates an engaging first impression that converts. If your site is out of date, you will lose online authority and risk valuable customers going to your competitors. Keeping your website as good as new will ensure that your customers and site visitors will continue to turn to your brand as the solution to their needs.


In this article, we will cover five key ways that will help your business remain relevant and attractive to your targeted audience.



Website Support and Maintenance


Not having an up-to-date website will not only lower your Google search ranking, but it will lose customer interest. You want to make sure that you implement frequent updates and modifications to your site to stay competitive in your marketing. 


Website support and continuous maintenance ensure that your website attracts new customers and strengthens the customer lifetime value of your existing customers.



Continuous SEO Improvement


Though social networking is emerging as a great way to continuously attract new customers, SEO is still the number one digital marketing technique to target new traffic. If you want your business to be the central authority in your niche, you need regular SEO campaigns.


There are several key reasons to update your SEO campaigns continuously, but the most important is that search engines frequently change their algorithms. These changes will affect your visibility and potentially put you at risk of losing new customers to competitors. To prevent these risks, you want to be regularly evolving and develop new content that demonstrates your authority within your market.



Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is the bread and butter of maintaining and building business relationships. It helps create experiences that provide value and attracts targeted prospects to your website.


With a solid inbound marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to gain your visitor’s attention without fighting for it. By consistently evaluating your inbound strategy, you will ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience.



Website Security


Online attacks are growing every day. By not having a secure website, you are leaving your brand’s reputation to chance. Outside of the potential of your website and information being hacked, you also have to worry about your customers' identity. Without having strong website security, you are risking the trust of your online audience and will lose valuable business.


If you value your customer’s trust and business, you want to have ongoing security maintenance to give you and your customers peace of mind.



App Integration


App Integration gives you better insights and control of your site’s performance. With the right apps, you can understand what your site visitors are looking for, identify any issues with the site, and strengthen relationships through personalized email marketing. Take this opportunity to shine within your market, and demonstrate that your brand is worth it.





Maintaining a reputation as a steadfast authority requires more than creating a beautiful website. It requires an ongoing marketing strategy and consistent monitoring to ensure that your site converts customers.


If you desire to attract new customers and provide valuable content, hiring a digital marketer with a proven system of success is your best option. Digital marketers understand how to create and manage a website that consistently yields results. They are experts in keeping websites as good as new and will be able to provide a step-by-step process that is straightforward and easy to implement.



If you are not sure where to begin, we would be happy to help. 


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