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7 Chrome Extensions You Need To Effectively Manage SEO

Written by Nick Simard on 01.15.19

Interested in boosting your SEO skills with the right Chrome extensions? Here are our favorite plugins.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tasks don’t need to be time-consuming on a daily basis. There are many Chrome extensions to make your optimization more efficient. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Chrome extensions for SEO. 

Google Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant is a Chrome extension from Google that helps you discover any problems you might be having with Google tags. It’s a useful extension to test the functionality of you tags, whether they are in Google Analytics, Adwords or Google Tag Manager. 


MozBar is offering a quick SEO toolbar to measure your performance in search engine results pages (SERPs), your Page Authority and Domain Authority, and also to compare link metrics across different pages. You can find and organize keywords based on their type (followed, no-followed, etc), and can even export your results on SERPs for easier access.


Keywords Everywhere

Good keyword research takes work and usually involves spending time on many different sites. Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension that helps you organize your keywords from 15 different websites, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Youtube and Amazon. You can discover not only your keyword research volume, but also the cost-per-click (CPC) on each website to avoid wasting time on repetitive tasks.


Page Analytics by Google

Page Analytics is another Chrome extension from Google that offers you quick access to your Google Analytics. You can measure how your customers react to your content from the clicks, views and time spent on your site.


SEO & Website Analysis 

This extension by WooRank offers a quick way to test your site’s performance and its optimization for search results. It’s an SEO plugin that provides a deep SEO analysis on the areas that need work to help you improve your user experience.


Google Analytics URL Builder

If you want to make the most of all your campaign links, then this URL builder is the tool for you. It helps you create unlimited pre-sets of tags to make your tagging easier and also offers bit.ly and goo.gl shortening support. You can even copy your UTM codes to your clipboard for faster access and can auto-generate the final URL.



Scraper is a different kind of extension, but can be really helpful in your SEO strategy. A content scraper can help you pull data from web pages to spreadsheets for easy analysis and data mining. Scraper allows you to copy organic keywords into one spreadsheet, which saves you time and makes your research process easier. 


We hope these Chrome extensions will help you take your Search Engine Optimization strategy to the next level, just like they did for us. You don’t necessarily need to add all of them to your Chrome browser but you can find the ones that are more relevant to your SEO tasks.


Do you use any other Chrome extensions for your SEO strategy? Share them with us!


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