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7 SEO Trends that Will Matter Most in 2019

Written by Nick Simard on 12.21.18

From "solopreneurs" to seasoned marketers, everyone rants and raves about the need for better SEO / Search Engine Optimization. A website is a base of operations for many businesses and directing organic traffic to the company's website is a must if they want to cash in traffic with typically higher conversion rates.


The New Year 2019 promises a wealth of opportunity for everyone; from the little guy to multinational conglomerates—everyone will be competing for the number one spot in SERPs

The landscape of digital marketing is always shifting and evolving to provide better communication between businesses and their buyers. Fortunately for you, we've bundled the best SEO tips of 2019 together, to help you rank high and bounce low.

Don't Isolate Social Media

Social media and search results work in conjunction with each other to boost page rankings. Additionally, social media is a powerful tool to drive engagement and build up your search rankings.


SHARING content on social media adds to your influence in the search graph. (Reviews are the biggest contributor, FYI.)


If your visitors engage with your content, your bounce rates will decline as more relevant traffic is directed to your website.


Focus on Mobile

Since Google's mobile-first index rolled out, the importance of mobile optimization has become a top priority for businesses that are serious about digital marketing. Google's bots now check out the mobile version of a website first to index it in SERPs. What does that mean for SEO in 2019?


If your website doesn't have an optimized mobile version, it's time to get one. Another thing to note is that loading speed is now a crucial factor in how Google determines their ranking. 


Did You Say Something?

AI and automation are driving search growth. It's projected that by the year 2020, around half of searches will be done by voice!!


Voice searches are often longer than keyboard searches. The keywords that you implement should be 7-9 words long and in a conversational tone. This will ensure the best performance with voice search




Reviews and Brand Reputation

Reputation is everything! Reputation management is especially when people across the world are searching for your company's services. If you need to reach higher positions in search results, consider being more active on a variety of social media platforms.



Make sure your customer service is on point, through a variety of platforms, you can setup a chatbot, which will automate some of the initial "touches" with a prospect on social media. This will also allow you to escalate and route complaints quickly and to the right team member.



Setup Google My Business and consider location management. Send a clear message to Google that you're a company worth trusting!


Website Security

Since July 2018, Google rolled out a security update that affects non-HTTPS websites. HTTP (non secure) websites are penalized for being less secure and favored less in Google's organic search rankings. Update your security to lower your bounce rates.




Improve Click Through Rates / "CTR"

Google's RankBrain AI technology is the beast behind deciding who ranks what and where. The big factor in scoring with RankBrain is click-through rate and dwell time.




1. Increase Dwell Time on your Website

You want visitors to lurk on your site for longer. Web design has an effect on SEO and by providing the best UX that you can will help to boost your rankings. 


2. Title Tag and Description

The right keywords and copy here are crucial; visitors will be able to find you and be enticed to click on your website.


By the way, the title tag is located here...


Content is Still King!!!!!

While I'm sick of the term "Content is King!," it makes a lot of sense. If you're serious about digital marketing, you MUST become a storyteller that leads the right visitors coming to your website.


Developing a comprehensive content strategy with an output of high-quality, engaging content that your audience finds valuable will lead to the greatest success.


A library of content with a proven track record of bringing in leads will allow you to create internal links from your keywords and key phrases that "feed" off one another. Internal links indicate to the search engines what your business is truly about. Your content must be of high quality (because it is rated by the search algorithms) that is extremely informative. Since we're in an information economy, the more knowledge you give away, the more growth you will realize.


Content is still the #1
Contributor to Improved Search Rankings.


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