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Michal "Micki" Huizinga

Michal "Micki" Huizinga


Posts by Michal "Micki" Huizinga :

May, 22 2019

Web Development: Testing Your Website

Search Engine Optimization Website Development

One of the most exciting parts of creating a brand is launching your website. After months of planning, brainstorming, and development, there is nothing more satisfying than the initial launch. Howeve[...] Read More

May, 15 2019

Wireframe and Sitemap: the Backbone of Your Website

Definitions Search Engine Optimization Website Development

In the age of digitalization, just having a website is not sufficient anymore for any business. Your website has to be orderly structured and provide a unique user experience to convince the customer [...] Read More

May, 01 2019

All Websites Are Not Created Equal: Picking the Right CMS and Hosting

Martech Apps Website Development

So, you want to build a new website. What a great chance to tell your company story. But before you get started, take a minute to consider some elements that will serve as the foundation of your site [...] Read More

April, 23 2019

Website Security: 9 Key Terms and Tech to Protect Your New Site

Definitions Martech Website Development

Creating a new website is an exciting time for a business: a new stage built to generate new customers. During all this excitement, it’s critical to make sure that your new site has the appropriate se[...] Read More

April, 10 2019

4 Web Design Elements Guaranteed to Increase Conversion

Website Development

Your website is more than just the pretty face of your business. Designed correctly, it can work hard to create conversions with elements that encourage visitors to buy or request more information. Read More

April, 09 2019

Web Design: Balancing Aesthetics and Information

Digital Marketing Website Development

Websites are the real showcases of a business' marketing strategy today. Brilliant and beautiful design techniques can come into play, telling a company’s story with innovative tactics and engaging vi[...] Read More

March, 13 2019

4 Tips to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization Website Development

How important is it for you to have an optimized website? Well, in 2018, Google brought in nearly 75% of all global desktop search traffic.   Read More

March, 12 2019

Are You Mobile-Ready? Optimizing Your Site for Mobile

Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization Website Development

Since the birth of smartphones, they have essentially become part of our anatomy. Their popularity has shifted the landscape of digital commerce. Viewing websites -- an activity that was once exclusiv[...] Read More