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Digital Marketers Build the Best Websites: Here's Why

Written by Nick Simard on 04.03.19

Your website is your online customer's first impression. It is your best marketing tool! Deciding who should develop your website is one of the most important business decisions you will make. With thousands of web development options, it can be stressful to decide which company will deliver results.

Studies have shown that high converting sites are user-friendly and educational. They have strategic messaging that adds value and creates conversions. It is risky to hire someone without an inbound marketing strategy. You could waste valuable time and money on a designer that does not deliver results. 


If you are looking for a site with high conversion rates, hiring a digital marketer is the best option. In this article, we will cover why digital marketers build better websites, and what to look for when hiring a digital marketer.



Web Developer or Digital Marketer?


When people need a site built, they usually think to hire a web developer. Though web developers are skilled at website creation, their focus is coding and delivering functionality. They often will ask you to provide the messaging content for the site, which will take more time and possibly delay the launch of your website.


Digital marketers bring the art of Inbound Marketing to the table. They understand the importance of strategic messaging and will design around your needs. They work with various industries and understand how to convert targeted audiences.



Holistic Design Approach


Digital marketers have a holistic approach to website design. This approach includes strategy, design phases, and customer-centricity. They will translate your goals into an inbound marketing strategy that is nurturing, with the aim to create a site that converts visitors into customers.


The holistic design approach also focuses on the Pre Launch and Post Launch phases. While a web developer will only focus on the site functionality, a digital marketer is results-driven. They will ensure that your site has tools that fit your needs and will provide support every step of the way.



Proven System of Success


Consumers are looking for aesthetics and value. The impact your site makes visually will determine your customer conversion success. Don't risk losing them to competitors.


When looking for a digital marketer, look for one with a Proven System of Success. With this in mind, here are the traits you should look for:



Analyze + Discuss


Whoever you hire should explore, learn and understand the core goals of your business and create a project plan to facilitate success. Within your first meeting, a digital marketer should focus on listening. They should ask leading questions to understand your core goals. Afterward, they should be able to create a plan that embodies everything you discussed.



Determine Design


Based on your needs, a digital marketer should be able to determine a cost-effective design. With hundreds of templates to choose from within your industry, they should be able to recommend a few to start your site design.



Site Development


Your digital marketer needs to be able to transform the design you chose to match your brand. They should modify and customize your site layout to fit your vision.



Launch & Celebrate!


After the site is approved, you will have the opportunity to test and make changes. If there is something that you want to add, this is where you can let your digital marketer know.


Once you are happy with your results, it is time to celebrate!





If you're looking for a straightforward approach that yields results, hiring a digital marketer to design your website is one of the best decisions you could make for your company.


If you are not sure where to begin, we would be happy to discuss your project with you.


Reach out to the experts at IMG Digital + Inbound to get started!

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