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Segmenting Your Audience Is Paramount

Written by Nick Simard on 10.26.18

A recent market analysis, showed that segmented email marketing campaigns produces 30% more opens and 50% more click-throughs than general email marketing campaigns. Email marketing provides an inexpensive way for companies to reach a virtually-limitless audience. It provides invaluable information about current customers and prospects, such as their habits and preferences. In order to simplify email marketing efforts some companies have started to use marketing automation.


You might already be segmenting your audience into buckets such as: prospective and current customers. An advanced level of segmentation is based on what actions they have taken on your website and is known as "event-based triggering." 

Delivering messages based on the actions your website visitors take allows you to deliver content in the right context.


Critical for All Types of Businesses

If you communicate with people, you must SEGMENT! Below, we have laid out an example of what businesses should do to segment to their multiple audiences. 


Businesses have a variety of different stakeholders which is why it is critical that personalized communications go out based on a person's interests and needs. What is the process for communicating with a prospective customer who has engaged with your website but never converted? Your communications with this person should differ from your communications with current or previous customers. If you deliver the right content in the right context you could achieve the following:

  • Higher open rates
  • Greater engagement with your content
  • Reduced subscriptions opt-outs
  • Improved delivery
  • More applications and therefore, increased enrollment!

Segmentation only works if it is based on accurate and timely information about your website visitors or those that are engaging with your content. It requires marketing automation software that can track all of this information in real time.


Creating Segments for Each Constituency

The next step will be figuring out how your contacts need to be ideally segmented. If the marketing campaign is focused on increasing the number of prospective customers, the following are some of the segments to consider targeting.  


Prospective Customers

Prospective customers who are interested in your business want to feel connected. Generic emails run the risk of turning the prospect away before they get any information. You can segment your prospective customers by where they are in the buyer's journey to make your emails even more effective. By aligning your email marketing with where they are in the buyer's journey you will be able to nurture specific prospects and convert prospects who are ready to become customers. 


Current Customers

Your business should stay in touch with current customers to increase awareness of special events or offers. Keeping current customers in the loop can help maintain their continuous business. 


Previous Customers 

Keep previous customers engaged with your business by segmenting emails to those who have purchased. When your business receives a new accomplishment or has an important message you can keep in touch. This allows the your previous customers to be reminded of your business and encourages them to come back. 


There are so many options to segmenting your company's email communication campaigns. The concept works for any company, in any industry. Marketing automation will simplify the process and allow you to send personalized, specific messages to people in your contacts list so you can get greater results for your business. 

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