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Grow with Pinterest

Written by Nick Simard on 11.02.18

Increase Sales + Improve Your Website's SEO


Consider that Pinterest provides a powerful social media marketing platform to sell your goods and services while providing organic SEO "Juice" for your website!


When properly optimized, Pinterest can be an incredibly powerful addition to your digital marketing mix and strategy. With over 250 million monthly active users and 175 billion total pins, Pinterest has the power to spread your brand’s reach.

Pins and Boards

Pins on Pinterest are like tweets on Twitter, or a photo on Instagram. Each Pin contains a photo or video along with a description and a link back to a specific website.


Boards simply store your pins. When you Pin items you can place them in different boards. This helps your profile stay organized and makes it easy for people to view your different types of content.

To get started with Pinterest, follow these simple steps...

  1. Open up a business account and claim your website.
  2. Create your bio including an image that represents your brand and a brief description about your business.
  3. Add a "Pin It" button to your website so visitors can easily share your content on their account.
  4. Engage organic + paid / sponsored campaign(s) -- more information below the video... 


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2 ways to market your brand on Pinterest

#1 The Organic Approach

Pinterest is more similar to a search engine than your typical social media site. Results are delivered to users algorithmically so it is important you optimize for keywords. Make sure you are adding tags to your Pins so they show up in relevant searches.


  1. Pin frequently Pinning is the first step to optimizing your Pinterest presence. In our opinion, you should Pin between 20 and 30 items per week.
  2. Re-Pin relevant industry content that others have Pinned or re-Pinned. 
    QUICK TIP to save time, schedule your Pins right in your Pinterest account.
  3. Create Boards to keep your profile clean and organized. Another great way to share your content is through Group Boards. A Group Board is owned by one person but has numerous contributors. This allows you to share content with others who are interested in the same topics.
  4. Rich Pins provide longer descriptions and more information to your viewers. Rich pins also automatically update when you make changes on your website. Providing viewers accurate and descriptive information about your products improves their user experience.


To use Rich Pins, follow these three (3) steps: 

  1. "Mark up" your website with meta tags
  2. Validate your marked-up pages
  3. Apply for Rich Pins


#2 Paid Campaigns, or "Promoted Pins"


Promoted Pins look almost like regular Pins but you pay for them to be distributed to a target audience. The example above has two (2) promoted pins highlighted on one view. If you click on these Pins, you will be taken to the respective product / image on the company's website.


Promoted Pins help increase your following since more people will see and therefore, interact with your Pins. When setting up your Promoted Pins campaign, you will need to narrow down your target audience so your budget is deployed efficiently. You can also retarget your prior visitors in Pinterest.


QUICK TIP re-Pins and Visits to your website are the two (2) baseline KPIs you should monitor. Setting up paid advertisements on Pinterest is very similar to other social media sites. 


For best results...


  1. Be as granular as possible when selecting your target audience.
  2. Audiences on Pinterest can be targeted by location, interests, keywords, and more.
  3. Decide on a bidding strategy that fits your budget and goals.
  4. Conduct A/B testing using different images.
  5. Review your analytics frequently so you can see what Pins are producing the most hits and what Pins need to be optimized. 

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