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HubSpot vs. Infusionsoft vs. Marketo

Written by Nick Simard on 11.07.18

Comparison of Marketing Automation Software

To help you decide which option is right for your company, here's a closer look at three (3) of the best platforms: HubSpot, Infusionsoft and Marketo. For user ratings and more information, we encourage you to check out G2Crowd and ChiefMarTech.

Inbound MarketingHubSpot has tens of thousands of clients and developed inbound marketing so businesses can grow better. The platform provides applications for blogging, social Media, Workflows, CRM / Sales tools, Customer Service, Landing Pages, A/B Testing, Marketing Automation, Content Strategy, and Email Marketing.


HubSpot offers the ability to host your website on their superior platform, offering you a full content optimization system, or "COS" featuring responsive website design, "smart pages" that present different content depending on the viewer and on-page analytics for SEO and SEM.


Basic plan $200 / month with 100 contacts

Professional plan at $800 a month with 1,000 contacts

Enterprise plan at $2,400 a month also with 10,000 contacts 


Inbound Marketing

Infusionsoft's more than 20,000 clients have access to full sales and marketing automation with a robust email marketing solution, a customer relationship manager and an eCommerce component. Although some reviewers say it is hard to learn, you'll find good reports on its performance, functionality, email marketing and cost effectiveness. Landing-page analytics help focus your PPC advertising efforts.


Infusionsoft is a favorite of small companies, partly due to its lower cost structure and the ability to pay monthly with no long term commitment.


Essentials package at $199 / month with 2,500 contacts

Deluxe package is $299 / month with 5,000 contacts

Complete option is $399 / month with 10,000 contacts

Team option is $599 / month with 10,000 contacts. 


Inbound MarketingYou'll find Marketo's strengths are an easy-to-use interface, rapid implementation, powerful reports and excellent A/B testing capabilities. The Spark edition will cost you $1,195 per month, while the Standard edition is $1,995 per month, and the Select edition comes in at $3,195 per month.


HubSpot and Infusionsoft offer you different approaches to a complete marketing solution — HubSpot covers more ground for large and small businesses, while Infusionsoft's base of smaller companies likes its functionality and monthly payment option. Marketo is the most expensive of the three, but you'll find it is easy to use and has a strong focus on sales development. 

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