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Inbound: How to Make Your Digital Presence Work For You

Written by Nick Simard on 03.26.19

When it comes to having a highly successful digital marketing campaign, it is important to understand the basics of the Inbound methodology and how each step affects your business. Every stage of Inbound marketing has a specific purpose for building happy, lasting customers for your brand.


What is Inbound Methodology?

The general idea of Inbound methodology is to create a positive and valuable journey for your potential customer to avoid fighting for their attention and trust. This methodology focuses on three stages (Attract, Engage, and Delight) to establish your digital presence as a trustworthy authority. With each stage, you have an opportunity to nurture your prospects and attract ideal customers that will provide momentum to your business.


The Attract stage is all about targeting your ideal customer. The goal of this stage is to “weed out” the people who are least likely to convert and focus on providing value to those who would grow your business. The Engage stage builds relationships, understands the needs of your prospects, and creates a unique experience for your ideal customer. This stage builds your credibility and strengthens your odds for repeat business. The Delight stage nurtures your customers. This stage uses the information from the Attract and Engage stages to start conversations and send content that will keep your brand top of mind. As they say in sales, “the fortune is in the follow-up!” In the Delight stage, you will follow up after the sale has been made and keep the conversation going to encourage repeat business from your customers.



How can I implement Inbound methodology within my business?

Implementing Inbound methodology into a digital marketing campaign is simple once you understand what marketing strategy works best for your brand. With each stage, you have an opportunity to successfully Attract, Engage, and Delight your prospects individually while working with your customer success and sales teams to keep up the momentum.


When creating an inbound strategy, we found four steps that will help the lead-to-customer process consistently yield better results and create raving fans: marketing research and buyer personas, creating an irresistible CTA, utilizing smart nurturing tactics, and analyzing the results to develop a strong customer lifetime value for every new customer.


Below, we will share how to improve your visitor's journey from browser to a raving fan by using the four steps for implementing Inbound methodology (with a few tips to help you get started!)


Marketing Research and Buyer Personas

Identifying your ideal customer will help you narrow down their needs and challenges and create marketing content geared towards solving their problems. One of the easiest ways to determine your ideal customer is through market research. With market research, you can develop detailed buyer personas that break down demographics, challenges, goals, and behaviors. After you have developed buyer personas, you can begin to understand what content would be most valuable to attract your target personas and where to focus your marketing efforts.


Creating An Irresistible Call-To-Action

Now that you have identified your target buyer personas, it’s time to show your site visitors that you are more than a pretty website through valuable content. By developing content based around your buyer personas, you can create Call-to-Actions (CTAs) that will grab your site visitors’ attention. Whether the CTA is “Register for our Free E-book” or “Request a Consultation,” these buttons will entice the visitor to provide contact information to show that they want to learn more. At this point, the visitor has now become a lead. This gives you the opportunity to nurture them into a customer.


Pro Tip: We highly recommend creating a landing page to thank them for signing up. Here, you can invite them to connect with you via social media or register for a webinar event. This will help accelerate the nurturing process and build trust with your new lead.


Utilize Smart Nurturing Tactics to Build Momentum

You’ve received new visitors to your website and gained new leads through CTAs. (Great! Now, what!?) After creating an irresistible call-to-action, it’s time to actively pursue your new leads to generate paying customers. Schedule follow-ups, personalized video emails, targeted content, and multi-channel lead nurturing. Creating an effective nurturing strategy will afford you multiple opportunities to generate higher revenue and increases your sales opportunities.


Pro Tip: Work smarter not harder. Use a CRM to your advantage and create workflows that fit each stage of the buyer’s journey. By create templates that include ebooks and other relevant content, you will free up time during the day to create personalized emails and videos that will help set you apart from your competitors.


Analyze Your Results, Tweak, and Repeat

Once you’ve had some time to run your workflows and receive some results, it’s time to analyze what’s working and what needs improvement.


Here are some key questions you can ask yourself:

  • Which CTA worked best for each buyer persona?
  • Where were my conversion rates for each CTA?
  • Did I achieve my KPI for new leads?
  • What content was downloaded the most? The least?
  • What nurturing channel performed the best overall all?


Consistently reevaluating your nurturing and follow-up processes will give you the opportunity to identify the dream formula to produce targeted customers with high customer lifetime value continuously.


Consistency is Key

To make your digital presence work for you, you have to understand how to attract your ideal customer. By implementing Inbound methodology within your digital marketing campaign, you will create a strong online presence that demonstrates authority and trust, and a foundation for lasting customer relationships.


Need help getting started with your digital marketing campaign? Not a problem! Contact our experts at IMG Digital + Inbound today to discuss your digital marketing needs.


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