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4 Web Design Elements Guaranteed to Increase Conversion

Written by Michal "Micki" Huizinga on 04.10.19

Your website is more than just the pretty face of your business. Designed correctly, it can work hard to create conversions with elements that encourage visitors to buy or request more information.

Increasing conversion rates requires an understanding of what will or will not work with your audience. Those who visit your website have certain wants, needs, pain points, and expectations and your site needs to work to meet all those requirements. While there may be industry-specific elements that will help your website, there are four components that are designed to encourage conversions:



Vibrant Images


Images engage prospects and convert them into customers.


Using vibrant and compelling images helps visitors engage with a website. Selecting high definition, quality images that resonate with potential viewers can dramatically improve engagement and conversion activities. If possible, use custom photography instead of stock images. Stock images are available to everyone. Therefore, you run the risk of using the same imagery as another company, diminishing the credibility of the overall vision you’re trying to portray.



Compelling CTAs


There’s nothing quite like a perfect CTA.


Have you ever wanted something badly and, after thorough research, securing payment, and even arranging for delivery, the product was no longer available? That’s sort of what it’s like to have a weak CTA. Prospects may enjoy your site and be ready to purchase, but turn away because the CTA is hidden or unclear. Below are some best practices to follow when implementing a CTA:

  • Make the CTA easy to find
  • Use full image CTAs
  • Create CTAs that are compatible with the site's theme and colors
  • Use hover effects
  • Include a button CTA in the navigation menu
  • Create a scrolling CTA for mobile users


Sticky headers


Sticky is great for cinnamon rolls and web headers.


OK, so sticky headers doesn’t mean designing with a cinnamon bun in hand. What we mean by sticky is that the CTA or headline stays in a persistent place, even while the user scrolls or navigates around the page. In essence, fix the CTA or navigation menu on a visible location on the site.


Sticky navigation is perfect for actionable sites where the designer can guide the visitor to a specific spot to complete a transaction. Sticky navigation keeps visitors focused and provides a more efficient and enjoyable experience overall.



Short videos with CTAs


Videos convert with specific instructions.


What would you do if you had each customer in front of you and they were weighing a purchase from your company? Presumably, you'd persuade them to choose your company. A video, used correctly, can do that. Even a quick video at the bottom of a webpage can be effective when urging a prospect to complete the sale, sign up for the newsletter, or whatever action you want them to take. A video works 24/7 and can encourage viewers to engage, even when you’re not there.



Your website can make or break a prospect's first impression of your company. Therefore, smart web design is critical to the success of a business. With these tools, you can craft a fantastic customer experience.


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