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4 Reasons to Start Marketing Before Your Product Launch

Written by Nick Simard on 05.16.18

Many companies fall into the trap of waiting until after their product launches to start marketing campaigns. They have a lack of momentum that can impact the product's short- and long-term success. Strong traction is an essential characteristic of any product released in the modern business world, and that requires marketing before the launch. Use these four tactics to make your product launch go smoothly and gain the sales that your hard work deserves. 

Branding + Online Presence

Start with the essentials. Your company should have excellent branding in place, with a distinctive logo, relevant messaging and unique positioning statements. Put together a lead-generating website with downloadable content to fuel your email list building strategy. Your goal is to create an engaged platform well before your product hits the market. 

Press Releases

Increase public awareness of your upcoming product through press releases. Make sure to have some type of metric tracking in place so you can keep an eye on how many people engaged with this content and the media mentions stemming from it. Press releases tend to be broad releases, so you don't get the same targeted readers that you would with another marketing method. However, you can discover unexpected audiences for your products or ways to move horizontally in the future. 

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Social Media

Which social media sites does your target audience use? Set up profiles on these platforms. Then, start building up your presence by sharing relevant to your target audience, distribute your own pieces and take the time to have authentic conversations with potential leads. 

Paid Content Distribution Strategy

Improve visibility for your content and complement your other product marketing efforts with a paid content distribution strategy. Not only do you have the chance to build excitement for your launch, but you also get to discover the level of interest in this market segment. If you don't get a strong response when you promote useful content to targeted audiences, you may need to reevaluate your brand's positioning or dig deeper to determine why you're getting a lackluster response. It's much better to find this information out before you launch, rather than trying to address problems afterward. Get the most out of your product launch by putting these tactics in place to get your audience ready for the next big thing.


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