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Our 7 Favorite Apps of 2019 to Amp Up Your Website

Written by Nick Simard on 04.17.19

Your website is the first impression prospects have of your business.


So you want to make it easy to perform the task they set out to do -- whether it's to read content, make a purchase, or sign up for a newsletter. With the right tools, you can make this happen.


There are several great apps you can implement to give your customers the best UX (user experience) and streamline your internet marketing efforts.


Let’s review them now.





HubSpot Logo

Since 2006, HubSpot has provided innovative tools in digital marketing. Businesses like Shopify, Care.com, and Randstad all used HubSpot’s genius for their online business growth.


And with good reason: HubSpot provides tools to monitor your CRM and create automated workflows, landing pages, email campaigns, and much more.


It’s a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing tasks.









SharpSpring LogoTurn leads into sales in no time with SharpSpring. Companies like Twitter, GoToMeeting, and Cisco all have trusted SharpSpring’s marketing tools to optimize their consumer outreach efforts.


Need to send automated emails tailored to just potential leads? SharpSpring’s behavior-based email automation ensures you send the right message to the right customers.


Maybe customers keep abandoning their shopping cart. In this case, use SharpSpring’s abandon shopping cart workflow to send friendly email reminders to help customers finish their transactions.






Zapier Logo-1BuzzFeed, Spotify, and Fox have leaned on Zapier for their internet marketing strategies.


Zapier is famous for automating workflows between website apps. Zapier’s innovation allows you to integrate your apps in just a couple of clicks so they can share information, leaving you with very little legwork to do.


For example, you can integrate apps like MailChimp, Slack, Facebook Lead Ads, HubSpot, Google Forms, and Trello (to name a few).


Zapier’s automated app workflows give you time to focus on other important aspects of your business.





Canva LogoAn attractive, inviting website makes the difference between customers who stay and customers who bounce. The Canva app helps your site make a great first impression.


Create beautiful infographics, edit photos, and create designs from scratch with Canva. And don’t worry if you don’t have a graphic designer background! Canva has a learning center where customers can learn everything from advanced graphic design to branding a business.








Sumo Logo

Trusted by companies like Airbnb, Sumo uses proactive tools to create the most optimal marketing dashboard for the busy internet entrepreneur.


Use Sumo’s many pop-up list tools to give your customers the option to sign up for your business communications. Or use Sumo’s the welcome mat tools to create high converting landing pages, turning visitors more visitors into customers.








GoDaddy LogoWith nearly 20 million customers, GoDaddy is a premiere go-to app for hosting. Celebrities like Ayesha Curry and Lyn Carter use Go Daddy to build their online empires.


So, why GoDaddy? Simple. 24/7 support, affordability, and free website-building tools. In a few clicks, you can import WordPress to your website and start building your business.





WorkZone Logo

Trusted by customers like Wells Fargo, Sephora, and Purdue University, Workzone simplifies all your project management tasks. For business entrepreneurs, running multiple projects at once can be a major chore, and Workzone reduces a lot of that groundwork for you.


Use this great app to automate administrative tasks, measure business performance, and collaborate with employees anywhere in the world.






Selecting the Best Tools to Grow Your Business


We live in a digital age, so it' makes sense to invest in online tools designed to help your company succeed. Whether you're looking to grow your email list, improve your UX, or build a better site design -- there's a tool for you.


Check out some of the items on this list to see how they can help your marketing efforts!


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