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7 Tools to Dominate Google (#5 is going to shock you!)

Written by Nick Simard on 04.16.19

Leveraging SEO is key to creating a great website that rank’s high on Google Search. You have to understand how to get the right traffic to your site in a highly competitive online world.

Half of the battle is learning what tools will help you gain the right traffic without spending valuable time on research. Thankfully, we’ve fought that battle to make it easier for you to get started!


We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tools to help your site dominate Google and improve your online traffic.




Google Trends 


Google Trends Logo


Google Trends is an underrated tool that should be your daily pit stop for better insights. It helps you explore what your audience is searching for online and stay relevant. Google Trends makes it easy to survey overall interests relating to targeted keywords by subregion, country, and over time. You can also view related topics and queries to inspire new content ideas for your site.




Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Pagespeed InsightsGoogle PageSpeed Insights analyzes your content and generates suggestions to maximize your page speed on mobile and desktop devices. It collects data in real-time and controlled situations to improve the user's experience.







Yoast Logo

Yoast is an SEO plugin that helps you to gain more site visitors on Google. The tool allows you to attract new visitors from various social media outlets and optimize your website SEO to ensure that your online foot traffic is consistent.


What we love most about Yoast is the ability to optimize your Wordpress site through the Yoast SEO Plugin. The plugin also ensures that your important pages are always up-to-date to avoid a low Google rating.





Uber Suggest LogoUbersuggest was designed by one of the top influencers on the web. The purpose of the tool is to help you gain insights into marketing strategies that are working for competitors and gain an edge. Impressive right?


With Ubersuggest, you can review top SEO pages, gain keyword suggestions, and even gain content ideas for more social shares and backlinks. It helps you strengthen your content strategy to improve your search results.




Search Console

Google Search Console-2By far, this is our favorite tool to dominate Google and strengthen our position on Google Search. Search Console was designed to help you stand out in Google Search results. It allows you to measure the performance and search traffic of your site. It can optimize your content by analyzing your site impressions, clicks, and Google Search position.


With Search Console, you can avoid receiving a lower search ranking with their email alerts feature. These email alerts are designed to inform you of URLs errors. With these alerts, you can quickly fix issues on your site and alert Google when the update is complete. Easy!


A feature that we believe you will love about Search Console is the ability to improve your rich results. Rich results make it easier for Google to search your site and understand the content. This will enable them to return relevant results and improve your position in Google Search. This feature comes in handy when your site has been on page three for over a year. By using this feature to improve your rich results, you will increase your click-through rate and stand out from competitor sites.





WebsiteResponsiveTest.com is a simple site that drives real results. The focus of the platform is to test your website’s responsiveness across multiple devices and screen types. This is extremely helpful for e-commerce sites who have a follower of mobile shoppers! By ensuring that your site functions well on mobile devices, you will improve your Google rating and gain more site visitors.




Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere logoKeywords Everywhere is a free Chrome extension that helps your research keywords. You can gain insights to search volume and cost-per-click data all in one place.


If you often search multiple sites to gain keyword data, this tool is your lifesaver. Keywords Everywhere can be used with Google Search, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Amazon, YouTube, and more. This extension is worth adding to your Chrome browser!




Maximizing Your Ability to Dominate Google

Our goal for you is to maximize your chances to dominate Google. Though we understand that SEO requires consistency and patience, these seven tools will help you get to the first page faster.


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