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Sell Smarter, Not Harder!

Written by Andrew Seiden on 11.07.17

With the immense amount of competition out there, running an online business can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating. But it doesn't have to be. If you implement some smart marketing strategies and use automated products to help you from the beginning, your e-commerce business can thrive without you having to work 24/7.



Look at How You're Advertising

Use pop-ups wisely. 615 million devices were using ad blocking software by the end of 2016, reports Business Insider. And yet it's still an effective selling strategy — if you do it correctly. Business Insider explains that many publishers and companies have tried to circumvent the ad block problem by putting up an ad block wall that prevents viewers from seeing their content unless they disable the ad blocking software. However, 74 percent of people decided to go to a different site rather than turn off their ad blocking, according to PageFair.


If pop-ups are not for you, try an alternative route that provides a better user experience. For example, Facebook successfully tweaked its advertising technology to provide its users with more control over the ads they saw; it resulted in an 18 percent ad revenue growth. This goes to show that your customers may not be opposed to your advertisements, but simply that they don't want their experience to be interrupted or irrelevant to their needs.


Conduct Split Testing

As you set up and change different aspects on your website, you need to know what is working and what is not. To do this effectively you should only change one thing at a time and use split testing to analyze your results. Split testing lets you separate your audience into two groups so you can test different options without having any other variables.


Entrepreneur gives the example of testing two different headlines in a sales letter. You would use your top-performing letter as the control and send it to half of your audience and then use a testing software to redirect the other half of your audience to an identical page with a different headline. Once your test is complete you can compare your analytics, such as the views, interactions, and conversions, and then make a data-driven decision about which one works better.


Entrepreneur suggests using a testing software like WebTrends 7, Offermatica or ClickTracks to help you with split testing. By being able to conduct tests at the same time, you can eliminate other variables, such as holidays, events or time conflicts, and get your results faster.


Use a CRM

If your sales team is struggling with admin tasks, keeping up with and understanding their leads, and working on the go, it's time for you to invest in a CRM. According to a presentation by Innoppl, 65 percent of companies with a mobile CRM achieved their quotas compared to 78 percent of companies that failed to meet their quota and did not use a mobile CRM. By having access to all of your product and service information, customer information, and analytics to understand where leads are coming from and what they may need, your sales team can make more conversions and provide better customer service.


For example, Infor CRM enables sales teams to spend more time interacting with customers and focusing on sales conversion tasks instead of worrying about administrative and reporting tasks. The software takes care of reports and analytics, so your team can spend their time elsewhere. Also available are product demos, training and tutorials to help sales teams use their CRM more effectively by understanding all of its capabilities.


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