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What are Accelerated Mobile Pages ("AMP")? [DEFINITION]

Written by Andrew Seiden | 10/25/18 1:04 PM

Accelerated mobile page or AMP is a project run by Google. Google launched AMP to improve the user experience for mobile users and also to compete with Facebook Instant Articles and Apple NewsAMP is a technology for publishing web pages that load quickly on mobile devices. 

Accelerated mobile pages were particularly designed for browsers to interpret HTML faster. AMP removes aspects of web pages that make loading times longer such as JavaScript. The technology prioritizes content. Text loads almost instantly, while the rest of the content such as images loads after.


If you would like to see if your website is AMP'd, you can test here or you can append the following text to the end of your URLs: ?hs_amp=true.



Mobile users hardly ever scroll past the first page of search results (SERPs) or wait for a web page to load. When you use Accelerated Mobile Pages your web page can appear at the top of search engine results in Google's carousel or the main results page. Utilizing AMP increases your discoverability and provides extremely fast loading speeds since AMP'd pages are cached for quick delivery resulting in more engaged visitors and a better user experience