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Event-Based Triggers [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 09.07.17

Event-Based Triggers play a huge part in the marketing automation process. Marketing automation relies on the tracking of specific “events” to segment the audience in your database and communicate with them using varying workflow paths. Some “event” types include:

  • Website visits
  • Visits to a specific page on your website or blog post
  • An email open
  • Click from an email campaign to your website
  • Form submissions
  • Watching a video on your website
  • Webinar attendance

Once an event is completed, the next step in the workflow path is triggered to begin. This allows for relevant communcation at the right moment and a more efficient path through the marketing funnel. 

You can also track a series of events such as in the following scenario.

IF someone in our database (a) visits our website, (b) reads 2+ blogs posts and (c) downloads 2 pieces of content from our website THEN enter them into a “smart” list of highly-scored prospects and add a task to the to-do list for your sales team to follow-up.

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