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What is a Conversion Window? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 10.17.17

What is a Conversion wINDOW?

A "conversion window" indicates how long a campaign will count conversions after a view or click occurs. It is the period of time after a customer clicks your ad during which a conversion, like a purchase, is recorded. You can usually edit the conversion window setting for any conversion you’re tracking.


For example, with a 7-day post-click conversion window, if someone clicks an ad and converts 7 days later, that will be counted as a conversion. If someone clicks and converts 8 days later, it will not.

Conversion windows serve as an effective way to control and report the effectiveness of your ad in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, as it will record the time between a click and a conversion. Conversion windows are ideal for businesses that are looking for more control when measuring their conversions, especially businesses that sell products with a buying cycle that doesn’t fit the standard 30-day conversion window. If you set a longer conversion window, you can see certain keywords early in the path to a conversion.


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