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What is a #hashtag? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 12.07.17

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Hashtags make it much easier for users to find messages with a unique theme or content.  The hashtag makes it much easier to organize text content on social media networks and is, therefore, easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Users can create and use hashtags by placing the number / pound sign (#) in front of a word or unspaced phrase. Hashtags are mainly used on Twitter but can be found on other social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest.


Searching for a specific hashtag will present any message that has been tagged with it. They are also used to communicate simple, overarching ideas.


Hashtags are integral in getting attention for your company or campaigns by attracting your own customers and converting them to visitors and leads. Some of the best practices to get your hashtags trending and popular is by 1) keeping them simple, 2) being specific, and 3) giving context with the non-hashtag text.


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