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What is Quality Score? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 07.24.15

The search engine algorithms rate your website and its relevancy with specific keywords by using something that Google refers to as the keyword "quality score." Google and its competitors in search are concerned with delivering the most relevant ad results to its users, thereby providing the best possible user experience.



What makes a Quality Score? 

The total quality score is based on a number of variables, such as the following:

  • Keyword relevancy
  • Ad click through rate (CTR)
  • Historical performance
  • Landing page
  • Ad relevancy
  • Various other relevancy factors: this catch all bucket is the unknown aspect of the grading system since the relative weighting of how these variables translate into the calculation of the quality score it is proprietary to the algorithms that run the various search competitors.


Looking to review your Quality Score?

Once logged into your Google AdWords dashboard, follow this tutorial to check your quality score. 



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