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What is a Workflow? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 12.07.17

Workflows are a modern marketer's best friend. They are also the best friend of anyone seeking to automate a process using logic. We'll focus on the marketing angle since, well, we're a marketing company! From a technical standpoint, workflows use a series of if / then statements to yield a desirable outcome.


If someone visits your website and downloads a specific e-Book, we can make an assumption about their interests and then score that individual so that their next point of communication includes additional relevant information.  A workflow will push off a series of actions to be taken after that download. Next they could get an email with an infographic that is relevant to the e-Book they downloaded. Workflows are automated based on the first action the viewer takes. 


Essentially, a workflow is a tool used in the close stage of the buyer’s journey, where you can trigger a set of automated actions based on a customer’s behaviors or information provided. Yet workflows go beyond simple marketing automation. With workflows, one can send emails, update contact information, add or remove contact and trigger notifications, which are all “back-end” functions that improve the internal communication in your organization. 


Workflows have many benefits, including converting leads to customers, customizable timing and content, as well as time-efficiency. If you haven’t yet, it’s about time you started using workflows to better nurture your leads.



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