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What is Ad Relevancy? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 12.13.17

Similar to keyword relevancy, the objective of ad relevancy is to show the most relevant ad results to individuals searching for your products or services, and as a result providing the best user experience possible. This is extremely significant for the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey as it displays the likelihood for users to come across your ad.


There are three possible ad relevancy statuses you can receive: above average, average, and below average. If you have an average or above average status, that means that there are no major issues with this keyword’s ad relevance compared to all other keywords. A below average status means that your keyword or ad may not be specific enough. It’s integral to create tightly-themed ad groups by ensuring that your ads are closely related to a smaller set of keywords.


Another way to improve ad relevancy is by writing text ads with the keywords, including a main keyword in the URL, choosing the right landing page, and excluding missing keywords. This status can be used to help you identify irrelevant keywords and areas for improvement. Ultimately, ad relevancy is a key method to increasing your Quality Score and boosting your Ad Rank.


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