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What is the Awareness Stage of the Buyer's Journey? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 07.27.17

What is the Awareness Stage of the buyer's journey?

The initial stage of the buyer's journey is known as the Awareness Stage. At this point a prospect is probably unaware of two (2) things: (1) your company and (2) what they need to solve a problem they're experiencing. Buyers are expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity through online research. You have an opportunity to engage with great content that preempts their pain points and presents options for resolution.


Once the buyers start to discover that they have a particular issue, their research begins. Most buyers will turn to Google or other online search engines, where they'll search for general keywords, educational material, or customer reviews.


As the buyers continue researching their problem, they'll begin to specify which criteria meet their needs and which do not, allowing them to focus more on their exact problem. Now, they can ignore vendors who do not provide the services or products that can help with their issue. 



After the Awareness Stage of the digital buyer's journey comes the Consideration Stage and finally the Decision Stage.


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