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What is Content Marketing? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 05.07.18

Content curation is the discipline of conceptualizing, sourcing and/or creating unique content for a specific purpose to be distributed on a variety of different outlets based on defined goals and objectives. It may include the production of original content or the re-purposing of third party content that is deemed valuable to the target audience.


Marketing professionals engage in content curation for their clients based around the client's objectives and the types of leads they're seeking to attract. That’s why content creation is so important to the attraction stage of the buyer’s journey.


Essentially, content curation is the task of sifting through the vast amounts of content in the world and on the internet, and then presenting and explaining it in a significant and structured way around a theme or idea. Whether it be blog posts, email newsletters, or social media posts, content curation involves filtering, sorting, arranging, and publishing content regularly.


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