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What is Marketing Automation? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 09.18.17

Marketing automation is powered by technology used to organize and personalize the email content sent to contacts. Instead of sending out a single, non-specific email blast to all of the contacts on your list, why not send personalized emails to those with different wants? Properly deployed marketing automation ensures your contacts are sent appropriate and timely emails based on their specific segmentation or lifecycle stage.



What's the difference between Marketing Automation  Inbound Marketing?

In order to help marketers fully understand their customers’ preferences and behaviors, and therefore develop a quality marketing plan, marketing automation tools are designed to perform four crucial tasks:


  1. Segmentation by lifecycle stage    READ "What are Lifecycle Stages?"
  2. Email Marketing    READ "How to Win w/ Email Marketing"
  3. Event-based triggering    READ "What are Lifecycle Stages?"
  4. Full marketing funnel capabilities    READ "The Full Funnel Approach"


READ   How marketing automation software powers inbound marketing.


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