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What is Packet Loss? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 01.17.18

Have you ever spoken with someone on the phone when their voice has suddenly dropped out only to magically reappear a few seconds later with crystal clear clarity? If so, you have likely experienced the effect of packet loss. 


Packet loss is like a traffic jam in your network. There is too much data attempting to move through your available bandwidth. Let's say you have ten (10) computers and ten (10) IP phones running in your small office network. Each of those devices is uploading and downloading packets of information constantly. When the virtual "fire hose" of data is turned on, beyond the capacity of your internet connection, the only possible outcome is for all of the data to be slowed down and for some to possibly get lost.


How to avoid packet loss?

To avoid packet loss, get a router that prioritizes voice over data transactions across your network. It's as simple as searching for 'QoS routers for sale." Good luck!


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