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What is Progressive Profiling? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 12.27.17

There’s no denying that most people don’t like filling out online forms. While forms are the way to generate and convert leads, they are largely viewed as an annoyance from the perspective of a website visitor's user experience ("UX"). This is where Progressive Profiling is hugely beneficial.

Progressive profiling technology allows you to add information to customer profiles over time, keeping your forms short and easy to complete. This enables you to build up information over time and multiple touch points without overwhelming and turning away potential leads.


Why is it beneficial?

Increase conversion rates with shorter forms

Large forms can be intimidating and turn away website visitors. Progressive profiling enables you to collect information overtime, allowing you to keep your forms short and simple.


Avoid repetition

Chances are that contacts who are already in your database will fill out other forms on your website to redeem different offers. This offers a great opportunity for you to gather new insights and information. Rather than being receptive and asking the same questions, progressive profiling allows you to ask new questions that build upon existing knowledge on potential leads.


Capture more, valuable intelligence over time to better target your contacts

Having more lead intelligence can enable you to nurture and sell to leads more effectively. But trying to get this information at once can lead to lengthy forms that can harm your conversion rates. With progressive profiling, you can start by asking the critical, more broad questions first and ask more detailed questions later on.


It saves you time

Progressive profiling can save you the trouble of creating a variety of different forms for different landing pages. You can reuse the same forms and progressive profiling technology will ensure that the right questions are being asked at the right time.


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