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What is Video Conversion Tracking? [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 07.07.17

Video conversion tracking is a tool used to analyze the play rate of a video ad as well as viewer drop-off numbers. It reports the effectiveness of your ad in the buyer’s decision stage of their journey, by telling you the click rate of the video ad and whether or not the viewer performed a following action on the website.


It may be useful to analyze these online conversions throughout the following month after the viewer has seen the ad. Many consumers do not respond immediately to video advertisements and can even take a couple of weeks for the actual conversion to be made.


Conversion tracking is crucial in tracking the number of people who click on a video ad and ultimately go through with the desired conversion action. Click through conversion does not drive immediate conversions all the time, so it’s important to analyze view through conversion data too. This shows the number of online conversions that happened within a certain time after a viewer watched, but did not click your video ad.

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