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View Through Conversion [DEFINITION]

Written by Nick Simard on 02.07.18

A view-through conversion occurs when a visitor sees your ad, and does not click it, but then later converts through a different means. When visitor is shown your ad, and they do not click on it, they can return and convert organically, socially, or through other ways. They are also usually only image and display advertisements.

Essentially, the view-through conversion is a way to measure and analyze the effectiveness of an ad on a display site, even when a visitor fails to click. There are also many options for advertisers to customize their site’s tracking. Since click through conversion is only a small part of understanding the conversion process, advertisers must look at the view through conversion.


This conversion analysis measurement is crucial to understanding the decision stage of the buyer’s journey, as it reports the way customers will return and convert without clicking.

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