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Simplifying Digital MarketingThe “Full Funnel Approach”

By combining the creative and marketing expertise of our CMO, with the analytical and operational expertise of our CFO, IMG differentiates itself in the marketplace. The result is a fully integrated marketing plan, with superb execution followed by the reporting and analysis required to adapt and optimize the strategy to meet your specific goals.


IMG's engagements are based on an hourly model.

  • Strategic Hours" are delivered by our CMO or CFO.
  • Tactical Hours" are delivered by our team of marketing associates.


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Tailoring The Right Solution For Your Organization

Delivering measurable digital marketing solutions with transparent pricing.

IMG requires a three (3) month minimum commitment. 


PLEASE NOTE  pricing below does not include AVAILABLE DISCOUNTING for six (6) and twelve (12) month engagements.

IMG's Master Service Agreement ("MSA") includes a 30-day cancellation option at any time following our three (3) month minimum.


Digital Team

  • 20 Tactical Hours
  • 3 Strategic Hours
  • $3,000 / month

Digital Professional

  • 40 Tactical Hours
  • 5 Strategic Hours
  • $5,600 / month

Digital Department

  • 60 Tactical Hours
  • 7 Strategic Hours
  • $7,500 / month